In Tacticrawl, player characters and the local inhabitants each have a class, defining their base statistics, skills and abilities. Classic EverQuest provides the inspiration the classes and their skills, but tailored to a turn based world.

Player characters for the initial release are fixed, but a choice of races and appearances are planned.


Your typical healer class, the Cleric excels at keeping your team alive and well.  As healing can anger your enemies, our cleric is kitted out in plate armour.

Gryph the dwarf Cleric

Gryph the dwarf Cleric


Clad in leather armour, the Ranger excels with a bow but can also deal damage toe to toe.

'Ranger down!'

Faiile the human Ranger

Faiile the human Ranger

Noodle the gnome Wizard

Noodle the gnome Wizard


Master of dealing damaging, with a handy line crowd control - and your Wizard will need it due to their cloth armour.


Coming soon!

Unconfirmed Classes

Once the initial classes are implemented, the following are planned:

Pet based classes - Magician, Enchanter and Necromancer.

Stealth - Rogue (requires a fully fleshed out sound/hearing system).

Druid, Shaman and Monk will also be considered.